Why do I get cystitis?


Why do I get cystitis?

There are many reasons why you may suffer from cystitis.

Mild symptoms of cystitis can be caused by irritation of the bladder.

This may occur as a result of:

  • Using highly scented toiletries such as perfumed soaps, shower gels, powders and vaginal deodorants
  • Spermicides in contraceptive gels, sponges or condoms
  • Wearing tight clothing that restricts air access, such as tight trousers, leotards, tights and swim-suits
  • Being dehydrated (not drinking enough fluids), which can cause crystals of uric acid to irritate the bladder
  • Going to the toilet irregularly, holding on for too long, or not emptying the bladder fully
  • Sexual activity which can bruise the lining of the bladder

More troublesome symptoms of cystitis are most commonly caused by a bacterial infection.

This can occur when bacteria travels from the anus up the urethra, reaching the bladder and causing an infection. The most common reasons for this are personal hygiene habits. Wiping from back to front, or inserting a tampon can push bacteria outside towards the bladder. Greater intensity of sexual activity can also increase the chances of getting a bacterial infection.

Certain health conditions also increase the likelihood of getting a bacterial infection:

  • A urinary catheter can introduce bacteria into your bladder
  • Bladder or kidney stones may prevent you from fully emptying your bladder
  • Diabetes encourages bacteria to grow, as your urine may contain more sugar
  • If you are less mobile and have difficulty emptying your bladder

If you are affected by any of these conditions and are suffering with any of the symptoms of cystitis please consult your doctor.